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L&L Services is a small construction company that focuses on quality service. We provide a complete range of general contracting services including masonry and hardscaping, roofing, flooring, windows, and more.

Stucco Uh Oh

Homes built during the last 15 years will eventually have failures to their stone or stucco facing. This industry secret is one that has surfaced.


We serve clients within a 65 mile radius of the Reading, PA area from Harrisburg to Philadelphia and from the Poconos to Northern Delaware

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L&L Services and Rentals, LLC, has 34 years of construction and business experience, with Rick starting his career as a union mason in Philadelphia. We are a small company with old-time 'mom 'n pop' standards. We never lose sight of our ultimate goal: outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. L&L Services performs full employee background checks, drug testing, and mandates lead paint certification for all employees. Michelle and Rick also are active in the local community, supporting non-profits, and have, therefore, dedicated 2 full days of service per month to a non-profit organization in our service area. Talk to us today about your project. We look forward to working with you!

Talk to us today on your project. We look forward to working with you!

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A little about L&L Services

L&L Services and Rentals, LLC was created in early 2009 by Rick and Michelle Herbert, Rick has 34 years of construction and business experience. “We decided to put together a small construction company that will not lose sight of customer service and quality. We wanted to create a small company with old-time 'mom 'n pop' standards.”



Our Services

Who has time to call around for multiple contractors? A contractor for electric, roofing, and…

Did you know with one call we can do it all?

Emergency Repairs, Home Remodeling, Commercial Property Repairs, Office Solutions, specializes in mold and water intrusion caused by improper Stone Veneer, Stucco work, Brick installation and more!



Stucco & Stone Veneer Remediation

Here at L&L Services, we specialize in the proper installation of Stone Veneer, Stucco and Brick Installation. When these items are installed improperly on a home they can cause water intrusion and mold issues. If you have been noticing issues with your stone veneer, stucco, or brick installation, contact us right away. This is not a problem that should be ignored!

363 Beagle Rd, Lebanon, PA 17046

(717) 222-8586

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"Rick is truly a professional. He always keeps the clients up to date and well informed . He has a way of keeping your calm even during emergencies."

— Thomas H.

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